The Band

Kendy Toms - Lead vocals, chief animator, started his career as Elvis impersonator, Rock'n'Roller by heart and soul

Thomas Graf - lead guitar and backing vocals, founding member of the legendary Swiss Rock'n'Roll formations Wet'n'Wild and Rhythm Cadillacs, keep's on rockin' with red boots

Reto Böhi - double bass, backing vocals, member of the famous Rhythm Cadillacs, enthusiastic bass rider: Don't stop the bop!

Danny Zimmermann - drums, backing vocals, multi-talended rhythm man and stand-up drummer, keeps the beat always rockin' and rollin'

Hamp Ruosch- piano, rhythm guitar, backing and lead vocals, he goes sometimes wild also with us

Kendy Toms & the Red Boots - more than 100 years of Rock'n'Roll experience - get the exciting sound of authentic 50ies Rock'n'Roll